When Fall Comes to New England

Inspiration comes too. Fortunately my life  finds me immersed in New England’s autumn colors. Each morning the deepening color of the forest outside my window greets my first waking sight. Daily treks down multicolored leafy roads quiet my mind and call me to attention. This year I beheld the glory of “peak color” in Rangeley, Maine. (That’s right, Rangeley– it’s located near the Canadian border–16 miles from Quebec).

'Height of Land', a stop along a Scenic By-Way
'Height of Land', a stop along Rangeley Lakes Scenic Byway
‘Height of Land’ –an amazing view–breath -taking, instructive, and inspiring as well. Notice the pattern of the plantings. This remarkable beautiful place guides me in my work as a landscape designer to arrange plantings in drifts and masses inspired by nature .

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  1. Maria, I am so glad that Melinda shared our camp with you and your friends in Oct.(?). Her Dad and I were there many years ago at approx. the same time! The photo of Height of the Land brought back pleasant memories. Thanks for sharing. Eva LInn

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