Gaillardia and Allium, August Stars


The yellow’s the long flowering Gaillardia ‘Lemons and Oranges’ and the Allium is a August blooming ornamental onion.  The variety’s a mystery to me.  I tried to identify it on the web, but the photos chiefly display the round flower head without reference to scale. Reading text descriptions on other websites, I’m at a loss for this plant’s identity.  Not to be confused with spring herb chives or the fall white garlic chives.  Same family, but different. Meanwhile, the late August garden interest is mainly carried foliage and form–except for a daylily, hosta, astilbe, roses, geranium, daisy, ligularia, hydrangea,and a few herbs–this combination wins the title of “Star” and I’ve placed it where I see it coming and going.

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