“Wilding” Your Perennial Garden

Learn how to Design a Naturalistic Pollinator Flower Garden

Love the new wilder gardens you see in magazines and Instagram? Me, too.  If you’re wondering how to start it’s helpful to know that these naturalistic gardens are more than field meadows. They are not created by just not cutting your lawn.

It’s about a different way to think about planting design. How nature uses drifts and masses to colonize areas. How those drifts and masses interconnect to create a “wilder” look when you add native grasses. It’s about choosing plants for pollinators. Many native plants are already in your gardens, but probably as one here and one there.

Support Pollinators with Native Plants–Trees, shrubs, and perennials

Learn how: January 25, February 1, and February 18, Virtual Class from 10am to 2pm

Small space or large, you’ll learn how to design and how to “wild” your perennial garden. You’ll also learn how to add native shrubs for Winter Interest as well as adding early spring blooming flowers and attracting pollinators.

Hands-On Practice Exercises, Actually Designing a Small Garden or Section, Instructor review and suggestions.

This workshop/class offers hands-on exercises. You’ll learn the techniques of layout, how to choose perennials, shrubs, and trees for seasonal colorful flower waves, and be introduced to “choice” native meadow garden plants. When you try your own hand at designing your garden, I’ll gently review and make suggestions about lay-out and plant choices.

Register at Massachusetts Horticultural Society


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