Take a Moment with Your Garden-Relieve Stress

Enjoy today’s garden image from my drive/street garden. It’s a summer blooming ‘False Sunflower’ (Heliopsis helianthoides ‘Midwest Dreams’) and a variegated Ornamental Grass (Miscanthus sinensis variegatus). Cheerful and long lasting combination.

Take a moment with you garden or with a photo from mine.

Really look, take a deep breath and exhale slowly and long. Let the garden soothe and heal.

I call this ‘garden bathing’. It’s inspired by  the concept”Forest bathing: That’s “taking time to unwind and connect with nature to improve your health. Simply put: Forest bathing is retreating to nature to immerse in the forest atmosphere. The practice originated in Japan in the late 1980’s and was coined by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries as “Shinrin-yoku,” which roughly translated means “forest bathing.””

So “Garden Bathe” with this photo from a landscape I’ve lovingly designed. I’m a garden maker and think gardens can add to our lives.

May you be happy and peaceful.

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